Love is a mystery. Love is a flower. Love is an expensive elixir that can raid your pockets and turn your world upside down. Or, if you listen to the Divine Suns, love is an oxygen mask. The Atlanta emcees; led by ANON The Griot, Felix the Black Cat, and the vocal stylings of Trice Be Magnetiq, weave together a retrospective on our greatest joy. But it comes with a catch— you gotta love yourself before anyone else.

Directed by the Griot himself (as Ahmariah K. Jackson), “Oxygen Mask” is a visual instructional manual on balancing the love you give with what you receive. A small apartment off Edgewood provides the backdrop for the beginning of a love affair that includes French lessons and “nag champa burnin and Lauryn Hill playing.” Yes, it’s that kind of party.

Social activist Shannon Young plays the Griot’s proverbial Eve.  BJ the Cam King and Tiago provide the crisp angles and aerial shots that capture the beauty of Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, including the historic Wheat Street Garden. Yet, the highlight of the video has to be the scene stealing cameos from Divine seeds, Makenzi Williams and Laquan William Josiah Davis II.
The “Oxygen Mask” maxi-single is a teaser for Divine Sun’s “Chaos Theory” album, out later this year. Until then, check out for the “Hungry Arms” and “Black Magnum” videos and everything else Divine.

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