might not make it


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Ty ThaGod expresses his thoughts with his latest release “Might not make it”


We all can see what’s going on in America today regarding the black lives matter movement. We all feel the world turn mad whenever an innocent black life gets taken by the police. The majority of America is of an urban ethic with backgrounds residing in the projects and inner-city neighborhoods. The disadvantage one has in this world is unfair to the other races in America. This situation is more than a black and white thing; this is about justice and the perspective of a Black man living in The United States of America.

Ty Thagod speaks on the urban society regarding what’s happening in the world today. So many topics Ty Thagod touches on that will make any listener listen and pay attention. With everything taking place regarding social injustice, police brutality, and racism, this is the best song to pinpoint the message of the conveying undertone message of what goes on in the urban neighborhoods.

This record by Ty ThaGod has universal appeal, and it’s appreciated for a time like this; not only it’s a positive record for humanity but a wake-up call to America saying that these situations need to change if not then some of us “Might Not Make it”!

Take a listen and feel the power behind the ongoing message above and pass it along for you might be saying a life. Don’t’ forget to follow Ty Thagod on social media @Iamtythagod and check out his single running it up at www.tythagod.com.